Our mission

Being the field for so many years, working with so many electrical contractors and building developers, we understand the importance of having your products ready for the job, that’s why we now offer “pickup in Blauvelt” in most cases you can place your order the day before and have your guys pick it up the next day on the way to the job site.

Our mission is to get you thru your project with less headache, as we offer you a one stop shop for 99% of any lighting or electrical product you can possibly need for your project, from a small fix N flip renovation to a new construction 20 story building, we are here to help you out with not just best pricing but great advise and product suggestion.

We even take care of your high-end custom project, and that’s why many items are not even on the website as it requires special attention for your special project and could not just be listed on the site as a standard product. 

Some say O Bulbs and some say OhBulbs, we say ohBulbs.com, Shop with us and you will say Ohhh......