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PAR Reflector Lamps

Change the Way Your Home Light

Par reflector lamps are quite unique and renowned for their ability to produce a broad directional light. If you are looking for lamps for outdoor purposes, par reflector lamps are indeed a good choice for you. The high light output makes this bulb a great choice for areas where brightness is important. The wide coverage and durable reflector housing features make this lamp a great choice to install anywhere in the home. Comes with flat lens, Par reflector lamps have become a great choice for energy efficient LED bulbs.

Oh Bulbs offers a huge range of par reflector lamps to make sure all your light needs are accomplished in a fuss-free manner. With different bulb sizes, par reflectors lamps are available to suit all your needs and preferences. The lamps come with long and short neck version depending on specialty applications. With many variations of base types, you don’t have to follow fast and hard rules to choose a specific type of bulb for a particular application.

For museum lighting, outdoor flood lighting, track lighting, and theatrical lighting, par reflector bulbs are used. These par reflector lamps are available with a wide difference in shapes that are tailored to suit your different application needs. These lamps are indeed an evergreen solution to outdoor and indoor lighting. Checking out their specifications will surely help you make sure that your par reflector lamps will work well according to your needs.

Let the World Identify Your Style

With wide flood beam angles, Par reflector lamps offer more than 45 degree angle while lighting an area. To give your home’s indoor and outdoor a brighter look, we have come up with a huge range of lighting options for you. Taking your home’s lighting system to the next level is our main concern and this is why we are providing exceptional products that suit your preferences in no time.

With easy application and desired lighting effects, these par reflector lamps will definitely help you make your home brighter than your imagination. The LED bulb used in par reflector lamps produces low heat and provides you a cost-effective lighting solution. All the products we display in our catalog are genuine and make you enjoy the lights as much as you can. The highly intensified type of LED light, par reflector lamps can produce up to 4 times the amount of concentrated light. The energy-efficient and cost-effective qualities make it possible for you to enjoy lighting at home without worrying about maintenance.

If you are desperately looking to buy this lamp, you have come to the right place then. Oh Bulbs a wide range of options on lighting services to make sure nothing could beat your style when it comes to the lighting of your home. The sizes of the lamps also vary depending on your application purposes. Whenever you are in the search of amazing lighting options, you should consider exploring our collection, as we always take your needs and style on top when providing a huge inventory of bulbs.

We have a wide range of deals on par reflector lights. In fact, our list of lamps provides you choices that suit your needs well. We believe more energy-efficient lights are the right solutions to meet your lighting needs in a fuss-free manner. Our specialized bulbs and genuine products make us a perfect choice to shop lights from. We let you place bulk orders for par reflector lamps and you will surely get an instant discount on your orders placed from us. On our website, it will never seem tough for you to choose light bulbs according to your needs. Moreover, you can pick the exact match from our collection of bulbs.